Saturday, 22 May 2010

Elizabeth Lee

Thankyou Elizabeth Lee!!!

Barbara Brown-Villedieu

Thankyou Barbara Brown-Villedieu!!!!

Andi Ryder

Thankyou Andi Ryder!!!

Sarah Leeves

Thankyou Sarah Leeves!!!!

Mandy Urban

Thankyou Mandy Urban!!!!

Alex Hughes

Thankyou Alex Hughes!!!!!

Clem Tarrant

Thankyou Clem Tarrant!!!!!!

David Lawrence

Thankyou David Lawrence!!!!

Sam Hawkins

Thankyou Sam Hawkins!!!!

Harry Williams

Thankyou Harry Williams!!!!

Isobel Kho

Thankyou Isobel Kho!!!!!!

Daniella Petropoulou

Thankyou Daniella Petropoulou!!!

Sarah Kirk flyer design

Thankyou Sara Kirk!

First poster

First poster to start the event. The image is by myself from a Red riding hood book made earlier this year. Let the flood begin.....

Friday, 21 May 2010


Hi Guys,

Welcome to the W.I.P blog. I will keep everyone updated with information on the show and all the work that is being done.